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Common Problems

1. Relocation
This happens all the time, and can be a huge headache for the home owner. Whether it is for work, or personal reasons, moving can be extremely stressful. At Begin Again Homes, we can either make you a cash offer on your house, or come up with an alternative creative solution. We can even close within 30 days in some cases, depending on your needs!

2. Damaged Homes
Over time, properties deteriorate, and can potentially cause big problems for the home owner. Fixing those problems however, can be more costly and stressful than most people imagine. As investors, we get volume discounts on the material and labor that goes into rehabbing a property. As a homeowner, these discounts are generally unavailable, and the costs can be huge. We always tell people that if they make the repairs themselves, we can offer them more for the property. But if making all those repairs seems like too big of a headache, then we would be more than happy to make you a cash offer to buy your property in as-is condition!

3. Behind on Payments
With so much uncertainty with the economy, losing a job is a very real problem. Unfortunately, just because you lost your job or are earning less income doesn't mean that your monthly expenses go away. Depending on how far behind on your payments, in some cases we can not only catch up the payments, but we can even stop foreclosures!

4. Pre Foreclosure
As mentioned above, it may not be too late! Call us ASAP so that we can see if we can help you!

5. Retiring
Congratulations, you made it! Although this is a huge benchmark in your life that is very exciting, selling a property can sometimes be extremely stressful... So if you are retiring, and you want to sell, we can help. So you dont need to have an open house every Sunday for months on end constantly wondering if any buyers are interested, while always having to maintain a "showroom ready" house! Just call us today to see how we can make the process of selling your house simple, and stress free!

6. Tax Liens
Yes, we can pay off your back taxes AND buy your house for cash. But call us today before it's too late and you lose your house!

7. Vacancy
This is actually a very serious problem. Owning a vacant property is a huge risk for the homeowner. If anyone trespasses on the property, and happens to injure themselves, they have a legal right to sue the homeowner. Call us ASAP so that we can make you a Cash Offer!

8. Divorce
We understand that this can be an extremely delicate situation. At Begin Again Homes, we pride ourselves on our willingness to do whatever it takes (that is legal and ethical) to help the people we work with. We can be the cushion between the 2 parties involved, and manage coordinating all the communications from the first call, to the closing table!

9. Expired MLS
Just because your property didn't sell when it was on the MLS, doesn't mean that no one wants it. Sometimes the Realtors don't do a good job marketing the property and getting the right buyers interested. At Begin Again Homes, we want to make you a Cash Offer for your property! Call today to see how much your home is worth!

10. Inheritance
Inheriting a property can be a blessing, and a curse. It is good because you now own more Real Estate, but sometimes it can be more expensive, and time consuming then you might think. If you inherited a property that you don't have the time to maintain, or have the money to repair it, then call us today to see how much your property is worth!

Begin Again Homes

At Begin Again Homes, we make things happen. After studying the Chicago Real Estate market for years, we decided it was time to help. We know that there are many old properties that need updating.

We are here to help people unload their old properties for a fresh start. The upkeep of a property you want to have can be tough work. But when you have to maintain a property that you don't even want, then it can be very disheartening