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Looking To Sell Your Property? You've Come To The Right Place!

Why are you here? Are you ready to sell your property? Stop procrastinating and either call us or fill out the form so we can see if we can help you. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. So take action now and either call us, or fill out the "Request A Fair Offer" form to receive an offer for your property.

Why Should You Sell to Begin Again Homes

We provide a quick solution - As mentioned earlier, we buy all types of houses, all over Chicago. Whether it's a single-family house, duplex, bungalow, flat, or condo, we have the money and desire to buy it AS-IS. We'll buy your property for cash and we'll close quickly.

We provide fair all-cash offers - We are cash buyers, and we can give you a fair offer that will relieve you of the responsibility of maintaining a problem property, and the debts associated with it.

We provide clear terms - We always make our intentions clear to sellers when buying properties. Our goal is to work out a deal that works for both of us.

We handle all the paperwork - Begin Again Homes will make all the necessary arrangements and handle all the paperwork. We try to make the process quick, simple and hassle-free. After we agree on the price and terms and have access to the property, your only job is to show up for the closing!

We Have No Fees or Hidden Charges - We do not charge you anything for valuation fees, transaction fees, or paperwork fees. We take care of everything, and remove all unnecessary fees.

We can buy your house even if it needs a lot of repairs - Don't worry about the condition of your house. We can give you cash for your house, regardless of its condition.

We can help you even if you have no equity or negative equity - We can buy Cash or Terms. So even if you are upside down on your mortgage, give us a call to see if we can help. You never know, you might be surprised at how we can help!

We Have Experience In Buying Properties - Our team of local knowledgeable Real Estate Professionals knows what to look out for to prevent problems, and how to ensure that the process of Selling and Buying Real Estate is as simple and transparent as possible.

We treat you with respect and compassion - At Begin Again Homes, we know that Real Estate is a people business. We know that no 2 people situation is exactly the same. That’s why we work to understand your specific situation. Our caring Team of Real Estate Professionals is trained to treat you like a person, not a property. We'll work with you to solve your problems with respect, empathy and compassion.

We can refer you to a reputable credit counseling service - Our credit counseling experts can help you solve most debt problems you may have.

Here's What We Can Do For You:

You will pay NO FEES and NO COMMISSIONS when we buy your house.

We could pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction

We are a Chicago based company that can buy your house in ANY condition regardless of what you OWE or if you are in FORECLOSURE ... We can sincerely HELP YOU!

We can make you CASH offer as soon as we inspect the property, and we can CLOSE FAST!

Begin Again Homes

At Begin Again Homes, we make things happen. After studying the Chicago Real Estate market for years, we decided it was time to help. We know that there are many old properties that need updating.

We are here to help people unload their old properties for a fresh start. The upkeep of a property you want to have can be tough work. But when you have to maintain a property that you don't even want, then it can be very disheartening